Stomach cramps

Trapped Wind and Related Ailments

  Before we get into treatments and remedies regarding trapped wind and gas I’m going to go over some of the more common symptoms. This will hopefully help you self-diagnose to an extent if you actually are suffering from wind. Sometimes symptoms similar to this and other ailments can be masking other problems, some more […]

diarrhea after eating

Upset stomach Remedies

        Today I’m going to write a small article about upset stomach remedies, this topic has been asked about through emails to my inbox at least ten times this week, so it’s obviously something that’s causing concern and problems on a regular basis, for you the readers of my website.     […]

acid reflux

Acid Reflux Symptoms, Causes and Diet Choices

                What is acid reflux? Simply put we have a valve called the LES, this valve is what our bodies use to separate the contents of our stomach from our esophagus. When this valve is doing its job properly and functioning fine, it shuts, thereby stopping stomach acid […]

Stomach pain after eating, rotten food

Sharp Stomach Pain After Eating

Stomach pain and in particular sharp stomach pain after eating can obviously come from a multitude of causes. This is due to the complexities of the abdomen area and some people are and seemingly more susceptible to stomach pain and upset stomachs more than others. However if you have experienced sharp stomach pain after eating, […]