Bloating After Eating


Bloating After Eating Symptoms

Bloating is a common problem, bloating after eating is even more common. Normally a pain is felt within the abdomen, this pain can manifest itself anywhere within the abdominal region, and has at times been mistaken for a heart attack by some people suffering the pain. This is usually due to the pain being in the region people report feeling pain before a cardiac arrest. However the pain from bloating normally starts with stomach cramp and sharp pains. Bloating is sometimes accompanied by belching, though uncomfortable, belching actually helps release trapped air in the gut, thus relieving the bloating too. You may have a slight distension of the stomach due to trapped wind too, though quite painful, it should only be temporary, you may experience some gas/wind while  bloating after eating, this too is quite natural and nothing to worry about, it’s just your body reacting to the bloating. 80% of all adults suffer from bloating at one point or another, so your not alone.


Bloating After Eating Causes

Bloating after eating can happen for a number of reasons.  Obstruction of the bowels can directly contribute to bloating.  Menstruation/period can also be a contributing factor in woman suffering bloating. Crohn’s disease, a disease responsible for inflammation of the bowels is another common contributor. The main reason for bloating after eating though is your diet!

Lack of fiber within your diet,  fiber helps keep you regular as a result of the bodies inability to digest fiber. As a result, help air pass through the system.

Eating foods high in fat. Gulping food down. Not taking the time to eat meals appropriately and eating them while on the move.

While there are Foods that are often associate with wind or gas, there are also foods associated with bloating after eating. these include the classics and not so well known:

  • Cabbage
  • cauliflower
  • Red Meat
  • Cucumber
  • Dairy Product
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Wheat and Nuts


Constipation while certainly a painful experience in it’s own right has the misfortune of also being responsible for many a case of bloating as well. Constipation whilst stopping defecating also stops the movement of gas too. The unfortunate thing is if constipation is responsible for you being bloated, you’ll have to find the cause of the constipation, as constipation is not a disease, it’s a symptom.


Irritable bowel syndrome is also a common cause of bloating after eating, while the exact cause of IBS is unknown, including more fiber in your diet has been known to help, due to the ease at which stools and gas can be passed.


Food allergies and bloating after eating can be a common sign that you may be eating something you are allergic too but are unaware that allergy is in food, this is why you must always read the ingredients of any foods you buy, especially if you have known allergies.


Aerophagia is a very well known factor in bloating after eating the foods normally associated with this are chewing gum and fizzy drinks. Smoking has been noted as being a primary cause too.  This has been know too have been treated successfully with hiccup treatment Thorazine.



Heartburn has been very closely related to bloating after eating. Heartburn has no known cure but there are a couple of preventative measures you can take. Quit smoking could help for a start.  Alcohol consumption and a poor diet are related.  Keeping your meals to manageable portions i.e.  no overeating at one sitting. Try and relax for a while after meals, let the meal digest, excessive bending or exercise has been know to cause heartburn after meals, and heartburn is related to bloating after eating. Heartburn is also linked to constipation.


 Home Remedies/Prevention For Bloating After Eating

Fortunately there are a number of things you can do after a meal if you experience bloating after eating. After giving the meal time to settle you could always take a brisk walk, this has been known to help encourage movement of the bowels. If the problem persists, very light exercise you may help too. The biggest remedy for treating bloating at home though is prevention 


Try and include fiber in your diet, this will help with passing stools on a regular basis and as a result discourage the build up of gas.

Take regular exercise to encourage bowel movement.

Overeating. try and make sure you eat your meals at regular intervals, this has two positives for you.

1. you can portion your meals responsibly, ensuring you are not eating too much in any one sitting. thus not gorging yourself.

2. Regular  meals will ensure your bowels are active over a lengthier period of time, this will also increase metabolic activity and keep blood sugar levels stable.  Regular meals can easily be achieved by planning ahead.


bloating after eating

Treating Bloating After Eating With Medicines

There are some counter treatments that appear to have had some success with people suffering bloating after eating.

Digest Gold is an over the counter medicine that use’s a digestive enzyme formula to help the digestion of protein and fats. If you’re having a meal high in fat, one tablet before your meal is advisable. Some people have experienced very good results using it, especially in regards to dairy products and bread.

Ultimate flora critical care is another over the counter remedy for people suffering bloating after eating. This product encourages regular visits to the toilet and seems particularly popular with older consumers.



Bloating After Eating, When To Visit The Doctor

Persistent bloating and stomach pain after eating is obviously a cause for concern. There are a number of other related illness’s and disease’s that can be related and are an underlying cause. These range anywhere from visceral fat, intestinal parasites, celiac disease and many more. As I have mentioned in other posts, I’m not trying to frighten you with mentioning the above disease’s, Just making you aware.  However take heart in what I said at the beginning of this post, most of you will just experience bloating after eating as much as the rest of us, and while yes it’s an inconvenience, it’s normally just that.



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