Constipation Causes, Treatments and Remedies



Constipation is a very common symptom, yes this doesn’t help you right now as the sufferer, but certainly you’re not alone. Statistics regarding constipation sufferers, show at one point, up to thirty percent of the population will be afflicted at one point in their lives.

In today’s article we’ll cover common cause, common symptoms and mention some remedies that may help you as the sufferer get yourself back to normal, and getting on with everyday life.

Dyssynergic defecation, or as we more commonly know it, constipation, are infrequent  or painful passing of bowel movements, this can quite commonly make defecation very painful. Other common symptoms include straining too defecate and a feeling of an unfinished bowel movement.


constipation treatment


Constipation however is not a disease, merely a symptom, of which the causes can be many. Generally however, there are two main causes. These two cause refer too hypomobility and obstructed defecation. Roughly half of all patients suffering from constipation have obstructed defecation, this refers too mechanical and functional. Hypomobility can generally be traced too medicational side effects, as well as hormonal changes and dietary habits.


Constipation causes

Functional constipation is the most common cause of constipation, and where constipation has been a problem for the patient for longer than six months and where there is no physical or physiological cause.

Functional constipation may be due to a number of factors; these include but not up to, anxiety and stress, an unwillingness to defecate on the behalf of the patient and an inability for absorption of water by the colon.

Dietary habits include insufficient ingestion of fiber by the sufferer, this can normally be traced back to bad eating habits and the patient in the midst of a diet. Insufficient intake of water and liquids causing dehydration can also be a common cause of constipation.

Medicational constipation has long been a known cause of constipation. These medications are far too numerous to mention here, however this is something you should consider consulting your doctor with.

Psychological constipation is also a very common factor commonly associated with sufferers. Causes such as refusing to defecate anywhere but home, thus causing voluntary withholding. Pain, in which the sufferer anticipates pain and as a results withholds is another common factor, these symptoms however can frequently be seen more in younger children.

Serious medical complications such as autoimmune disease and cancer of the colon may also be responsible. Though these causes are rarer, this is something that must be considered too.




Commonly a patients describes symptoms to the doctor, from their, the doctor will make a judgment based on these descriptions and an examination of the patient’s medical history. The doctor will often inquire about the patient’s dietary habits and fluid intake. This will then determine if the doctors is to do a physical examination.

The doctor may decide to do a rectal examination. This is where the doctors dons a lubricated glove and inserts a finger into the rectum. Whereby the doctor will check for blood in the stool and muscle tone. Depending on results the doctor may refer for further testing, especially if the patient is older and signs of blood in the stool are found.




Constipation treatment

Depending on the severity of symptoms, one of the first things your doctors will discuss with you about your treatment, will be dietary changes as well as lifestyle changes. This due to the fact that most symptoms can be narrowed down to the above mentioned.

Regarding dietary habits, fiber will almost certainly be discussed, vegetable and fruits will be advised to be included within your diet to help with the passing and softening of stools. Wheat and bran may also be advised due to performing the same function.

Keeping yourself hydrated by additional intake of fluids and water are also recommended for relief.

If pain has been a problem for you whilst passing, then mild painkillers may also be advised to ease the passing when defecating.

Exercise whilst being something everyone should maintain as part of a healthy lifestyle, also aids and abets with regular bowel movement. If this isn’t already a part of your daily routine, then this is something you should definitely implement.

Setting aside time particularly in the morning and last thing at night, is something that is also advisable, taking the time to allow yourself to have a natural, rather than rushed bowel movement is essential as well as setting a pattern that your body can become use too.

The doctor may also prescribe laxatives, not commonly known, but there are a variety of laxatives that the doctor can prescribe, this of course is dependent on symptoms. These normally take up to twelve hours to work, dependent on type.



Serious complications?

Due to the very nature of the complaint, there are times that people suffering from prolonged constipation will self-diagnose, rather than go to the doctors, this self-diagnosis normally results in the buying of laxatives. Whilst this can sometimes alleviate the problem, certain types of laxatives have actually been known to exacerbate the problem.

Leaving constipation due to either embarrassment or simply dismissing the problem, can lead to other complications as a result too. Anal fissures and hemorrhoids form straining to evacuate the bowels are a real possibility. This will almost certainly require intervention by a doctor as a result.

Rather than alleviating the problem, there’s a real chance you could potentially accelerate the problem instead. So please, push aside any embarrassment and put your health first.

I hope this article may have been of some use to you if you are one the many that are suffering from constipation, please keep in mind that in most cases the symptoms will easily be dealt with. However if you have tried some of the treatments above and still suffer from constipation, please contact your doctor at you earliest available opportunity.




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