Diarrhea After Eating

Diarrhea after eating is a common ailment and one that usually isn’t serious, most will suffer from this uncomfortable ailment at least a few times a year. So how do we determine if we have  diarrhea? Well it’s quite simple really, diarrhea normally manifests itself through loose watery stools and very often an upset stomach or painful stomach cramps. People are often embarrassed by the fact they might be suffering from diarrhea but it’s such a common complaint that no embarrassment is necessary. yes it can come at the most inappropriate time, as when you have to go, you literally have to go, but take heart in the fact that you’re not the first and certainly wont be the last to suffer from diarrhea.



Diarrhea after eating common causes

Let’s look at some of the more common and not so common causes of contracting diarrhea. The common cause of contracting diarrhea is through a virus that infects the bowel, commonly known by the name stomach flu. Diarrhea may also be caused by a bacteria infection that is responsible for most cases of food poisoning. Allergies and foods disruptive to the digestive system. Over consumption of alcohol and certain reactions to medications, Abuse of laxatives is also a common cause.


Common Symptoms of Diarrhea After Eating

Abdominal pain and Stomach Cramps

Very Watery and Runny Stools

Food That Hasn’t Properly Digested Within The Stool

High Temperature And loss Of Some Weight 


Common And Helpful Treatment Of Diarrhea

If you have recently suffered a mild case of diarrhea after eating, there are some common treatments available from across the counter of your local drug store or pharmacy. Drug stores will have their own branded treatments for diarrhea, but here are a few branded one so you know what to look for.


runny tummy

Bloating and cramping, yet more symptoms you can do with out.



Imodium helps with the calming of the system using Loperamide for a slowing of the muscle with in the gut.

An antidiarrheal medication that can be purchased from most drug stores.


Other at home treatments can consist of regular water intake in between meals. Avoiding foods that are high in fiber and the avoidance of solid foods for the length of the diarrhea infection. Try to make an effort to eat foods that are low in fiber, these food types consist of, Chicken, Turkey Noodles Peanut butter. Try and avoid foods that are high in fat, for that reason make sure the turkey and chicken are skinless. Yoghurt is also another beneficial food Or other active culture food types that are available in most supermarkets nowadays.

Rectal Discomfort From Diarrhea After Eating

The rectal region Can obviously become sore after constant visits to the toilet. Burning sensation and desire to itch the area can be experienced due to the inflammation of the rectum. A warm shower and drying of the inflamed area using items such as soft kitchen towel can often relieve the discomfort. Petroleum Jelly can sometimes be applied to the rectal area to relieve the discomfort too. However, apply a small portion at a time in case you take a reaction to the jelly. Unfortunately the discomfort is something you’ll need to put up with until your body begins to recover.


loose stools


Extended diarrhea and it’s effect upon the body

Due to the loss of water and nutrients which is a common effect of diarrhea after eating due to the infection. There are some more serious complications that can be observed after prolonged diarrhea. These can include but not up to, dehydration and darkening of the urine. Pounding headaches and increased pulse rate.  Confusion and the feeling of being irritated very easily.

if you feel you are suffering from any of the above, then you should waste no time in contacting your local doctor. If you know of a young child or the elderly or infirm who are suffering from prolonged exposure to diarrhea, then contact a local doctor or relative on their behalf. Long term diarrhea can be potentially very serious due to dehydrative effects on the body, resulting in an imbalance of electrolytes.

With all the above said, Please try and don’t worry too much. Diarrhea after eating as it’s normally a Mild illness that most fit and healthy people can recover from no problem. If you follow some of the advice above and are currently in good health, you will more than likely pull through with no long term or permanent health issues,


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