Sharp Stomach Pain After Eating

Stomach pain and in particular sharp stomach pain after eating can obviously come from a multitude of causes.

This is due to the complexities of the abdomen area and some people are and seemingly more susceptible to stomach pain and upset stomachs more than others.
However if you have experienced sharp stomach pain after eating, then more than likely this is due to the food you have consumed. The end result here is you are probably suffering from some sort of food poisoning or possibly even a stomach ulcer; the key is obviously the pain directly after eating.

Below we’ll discuss both the symptoms of the above mentioned. This may help you in the diagnosis. Do keep in mind though, that any pain after eating is unnatural, and if the pain is particularly severe then consult your doctor or local physician as soon as possible.

Food poisoning symptoms, causes and avoidance

The main symptoms of food poisoning are mainly sharp stomach pain after eating, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea after eating, abdominal cramping and running a fever, though a feeling of fever is not as common as the rest of the above mentioned.

Believe it or not, any food is capable of causing food poisoning, though obviously we always have a select few, that appear to be the main culprits more often than not.

Beef, fish, chicken, vegetable’s and eggs are normally the ones that turn up time and time again, and it’s probably more than likely that a bacteria from one of these foods is the reason you’re suffering now.

A numerous variety of viruses and bacteria are normally responsible for the infection of the food that we then consume. These bacteria and viruses are something I’m going to cover in more detail in an upcoming post, so check back if this is of interest to you.

Stomach pain after eating, rotten food





Tips to avoid food poisoning

The majority of the times the infections are caused due to bad storage of the food. E.g. foods that should be kept in the refrigerator, but haven’t been, or foods that have been taken out to defrost then left too long, and as a result have now been infected with bacteria.

Another major problem with contamination is people forgetting to wash their hands before the handling of food. You might not have done this yourself, but when others are cooking for you. Do you know if they have washed their hands?

Fish in particular can cause very serious bouts of food poisoning; this can be due to toxins within the fish, or even something as simple as buying fish, then not getting the fish to the refrigerator in time to ensure proper storage.

Making sure you cook food properly is essential if you’re to avoid food poisoning. There are simple instruments that can be bought from any supermarket that can measure the temperature inside the food before consumption. This is probably something you should invest in if you eat a large volume of poultry.

When traveling, especially in countries where food poisoning and stomach flu seems to be a common occurrence, always ensure you boil the water if you are to drink from the taps where you’re visiting. If I’m being honest whilst traveling abroad, I personally only buy bottled water, not only for drinking but brushing my teeth and washing too.

When buying vegetables and fruit, always ensure you wash the vegetable’s or fruit thoroughly before eating. There was a recent case in the UK, where food poisoning was traced back to cucumbers brought in from Eastern Europe.

Recovering from food poisoning

As discussed previously sharp stomach pain after eating, diarrhea after eating and other assorted nasty’s that come with food poisoning are normally short lived. Most will normally make a full recovery in a couple of days to a week, however if the symptoms persist then doctors may have to resort to such treatments as stomach pumping. This though is thankfully quite rare.

Plenty of rest and high intakes of water should be enough to see you right in a couple of days. Supplements that are advised whilst recovering from food poisoning are commonly vitamin A, Calcium phosphate and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Peptic ulcers and stomach pain

I have covered peptic ulcers in an article previously. But it never hurts to briefly go over some points again, especially if you’re suffering sharp stomach pains after eating.

If you feel sharp and intense stomach pain after eating you may also be possibly suffering from an ulcer. Sharp and intense pain emanating from the belly button, traveling to just below the breastbone are sometimes symptoms associated with an ulcer.

The general cause of ulcers is usually a bacterium called H.pylori, Thankfully if this is the cause, and this will need to be determined by a doctor, no self-diagnosis here if you feel the pains described above. Then this particular type of ulcer can normally and usually successfully be treated by antibiotics.

This now brings us to the end of this article, but if you’ve been suffering from sharp stomach pain after eating, then the above advice and tips should hopefully see a healthier you in a short period of time. Thanks for reading.

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