Trapped Wind and Related Ailments


Before we get into treatments and remedies regarding trapped wind I’m going to go over the common symptoms of trapped wind, this will help you self-diagnose to an extent if you actually are suffering from wind. Sometimes symptoms similar to this and other ailments can be masking other problems, some more serious others not so much.

I mentioned too an extent above regarding self-diagnosis as always get the diagnosis of your physician if your problem is persistent, or is something you’ve been suffering long term and you’re only now seeking information. I say this as trapped wind is usually short term, and something the body will self-regulate if things are functioning as normal. Better safe than sorry will be my phrase of the day.

trapped wind


Symptoms of trapped wind

The majority of symptoms will be caused by intestinal gas; this normally manifests itself in a few common symptoms such as mild to severe pain in the lower abdominal area, bloating and a general feeling of discomfort.

Excessive belching is commonly related to excess wind too, belching being one of the primary ways the body relieves itself of wind.

Flatulence, this may be due to bacteria that reside in the colon breaking down excess residue from the intestines. Keep in mind the bacteria mentioned in the previous sentence is helpful bacteria and essential to the body, not all bacteria is harmful.

Stomach cramps and small but sometimes intense intervals of pain.

Alternative causes

As mentioned earlier, what can sometimes imitate the symptoms of wind, can be something very different. Similar symptoms can include:

Stomach ulcer:  especially if the pain is towards the sternum, near the solar plexus.

Irritable bowel syndrome:

Stomach Cancer:  Don’t make the mistake of masking persistent pain with counter medicines long term, especially if you are under the impression that it’s probably wind.

Trapped wind possible causes

Guzzling food:  Rather than wolfing your food down in one go, chew the food and take your time with your meal.  This will help in digestion process by causing the stomach to work easier, not harder.Whilst time may not always be on your side, trust me your stomach will thank you for it later.

Fizzy drinks: By their very nature fizzy drinks contain carbonated gas, not something you particularly want to do, if you happen to be more susceptible to wind than others. Another thing to consider is that fizzy drinks are very unhealthy anyway, have you ever looked at the ingredients of fizzy drinks?

Medication:  Medicine you may be prescribed or taking yourself under your own supervision may also be party, certain medicines whilst helpful in treating other ailments also tend to have certain other unpleasant side effects.  Have wind related problems become apparent since taking a new medication? Discuss this with your doctor if this applies to you.

Stress:  Yes stress, correct it’s not something you eat, but stress can manifest itself in a whole host of other ways.


Over the counter treatments

There are certain over the counter treatments that may be helpful in treating wind, these over the counter treatments are only something to consider taking short time, please don’t use these as long term cures, especially if you value your health.


Rennie do a counter treatment called deflatine, some sufferers have noticed short term relief using these chewing tablets.

Wind-eze are another counter treatment, these are available in gel capsules or chewing tablets. These tablets have a gentler relief i.e. no embarrassing moments in social situations that can lead to awkwardness.


Home remedies

  • Taking a warm bath can be helpful and is a very common way of helping ease trapped wind and bloating. Even more helpful is if you can take a glass of warm water to the bath with you to sip.
  • Try to position yourself on your back and use your hands to pull your knees to your chest, almost a fetal position. While in that position, try and rock yourself gently back and forth and side to side, might not be your best look, but has been known to be helpful in relieving wind.
  • Peppermint tea is a common granny cure to help with relief, this is available in most local supermarkets, if tea is not your thing you can also try peppermint cordial, being cordial this will need to be diluted with water.
  • Cranberry juice is a common drink use in old people’s homes to help with relief in trapped wind suffering.
  • Drinking water to make sure you’re not in a state of dehydration.
  • Exercising, especially after meals can help with bowel movements, and can also aid in getting the digestive system going. Of course I’m not talking about getting down and benching three hundred of half marathons. Simply go for a long walk after meals, great if you have a pet. Maybe you have an old bike or DVD exercise video you’ve never got around to watching or using? Perfect!
  • Try to eat at regular intervals, no large meals before bed or just one large meal a day. Also try to be conscious of your diet. Maybe write down what you’ve been eating for the last two weeks, do you see a pattern emerging?


I’ll finish this off by saying I hope the above may be useful to you, and I’ll also take these last few paragraphs to mention something I seem to be coming across more and more everyday while browsing online. I’m starting to see on a regular basis these one page landing pages* these one page websites are normally promoting the latest and greatest cure in regards to things like trapped wind, of course these cures come at a price, normally $40 for a one page PDF file, that amounts to no more than rewritten advice that can be found on websites like mine or other similar websites.

Think of this, if these magic one page PDF files really did have the answer to common ailments like trapped wind, do you think they would only be available through these websites? Please for the love of all that’s common sense, avoid them places like the plague, try some of the home remedies above, if these aren’t working in a couple of days, contact your doctor!

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