Why Does My Stomach Hurt Answers And Information

Why Does My Stomach Hurt ?

Stomach pain is a very common ailment amongst all populations, though usually just a mild irritation with very few side effects, it can sometimes be the result of some thing more serious. If you have been suffering prolonged symptoms from pain too nausea or even bouts of diarrhea, over more than a few days.  Then like I always say, stop reading right now and get yourself off to your local doctor.

What I’ll cover today in this article are a few of the common reasons and causes of  stomach pain. We will also have a look at a few remedies that may be of help to you for the more common complaints.

So why does my stomach hurt? I hear you ask. Well the most common stomach problems are normally the foods you have been eating, stomach pain after eating can be due to eating too much or maybe even eating too fast! You may have an allergy to certain foods and be unaware of them. Then there are certain spicy foods that some people may have an intolerance too but love. If you love eating chilly but are normally left with a sore stomach or a bout of indigestion, well… that’s not really rocket science to see where I’m going with this, stop eating Chilly!

Stomach pain and alcohol

If you are experiencing pain after drinking alcohol, the alcohol may lead to a common condition called gastritis,  The symptoms of gastritis are many but normally dull aches, bloating and and especially loss of appetite are common symptoms of gastritis.  Alcohol can cause inflammation of the stomach wall and this can lead to a small bout of gastritis, this can manifest itself in feelings of nausea and vomiting, and is normally the first indication that drinking session you had last night was a bit too much, your body is telling you Slow Down.
Simply reducing your alcohol intake or even eliminating alcohol all together for a while should cure the stomach pain and feelings of nausea. If you continue to drink alcohol and are of course still experiencing stomach pain, and continue to ask why does my stomach hurt, then you really need to start accessing that you may have a problem with alcohol, this of course is something you need to discuss with your doctor.






Stomach pain and wheat intolerance

why does my stomach hurt after eating wheat, is normally another common complaint heard by most doctors. Wheat intolerance may be one reasons you are experiencing stomach pain, more than likely though, if you are suffering from stomach pain after eating wheat, you may possibly be suffering from a disease called Celiac disease. This disease can and usually does cause bouts of abdominal pain and cramping. The disease may also cause other symptoms you may be suffering from such as nausea and vomiting. Celiac disease can damage to the small intestines due to a reaction against a protein found within the wheat called Gluten. This is normally found within such foods as rye, barley and of course wheat.

The course of action here  is of course simple, by following a diet that is gluten free, you can normally expect to eliminate the symptoms we discussed above, regarding stomach pain after eating wheat.


Stomach pain and peptic ulcers

What is a peptic ulcer and what does it have to do regarding why does my stomach hurt I hear you thinking.

Peptic ulcers are a sore contained within the duodenum, this is the first part in the body in regards to the stomach lining. They may also begin to start in the esophagus, but most develop within the duodenum.

Symptoms of peptic ulcers are normally commonly associated with burning pain in the stomach, this normally starts as you begin eating, though this may also effect you at night as well. The pain can last several minutes but can go on for hours too. A feeling of being bloated after eating, and sickness and nausea are also other problems common when suffering from peptic ulcers.








Peptic ulcers are normally caused by a bacteria called H.Pylori. This bacteria can be passed through dirty drinking water as well as food. Doctors also think the bacteria may be passed through kissing, stress too has also been considered as a culprit.

The treatment for peptic ulcers especially when it’s in regards to the bacterial infection H.Pylori, is normally treated by use of prescription drugs, antibiotics in particular. The antibiotics helps with the reduction of acid, this thereby helps the ulcer to heal. There in normally no repeat of the ulcer, due to the bacterial no longer being present within the intestines.

Peptic ulcers are certainly not uncommon, many people from all cultures are effected by them every year, they can normally be treated effectively by your doctor, however there are a few other ulcers that are more serious such as a perforated and bleeding ulcers, these more often than not will require some sort of surgical procedure.

This wraps up this article regarding why does my stomach hurt. In this article we’ve talked about stomach pain and alcohol, through to wheat intolerance, onto peptic ulcers. this by no means covers all problems that relate to stomach pain. I do hope though that this article may have been of some use to you.

Till the next time, take care of yourselves,


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